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Having opened for EDM artists like David Guetta, R3HAB, Kaskade, TJR, Cedric Gervais, Carnage, Wynter Gordon, and open format dj's such as DJ Scene, Ross One, DJ Five, Jayceeoh, Roonie G, and even performing alongside live acts such as Ricky Rocks, Chanel West Coast and Big Black, and many more this muti-genre high energy DJ has something to deliver for any high impact event.
If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jason Wiggs play live, then you can attest to the
creative, and quick-thinking mind he uses to make powerful, energy driven, forward-
thinking sets. For the past 12 years, Jason has been perfecting his DJing art, by spinning
all genres like House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Hip-Hop. Fueled by an intense passion
of the love of music and his education in audio production, Jason has mastered the
ability to blend different elements in multiple sub-genres within each other, creating
new, intricate sounds, unmatched by anyone else. When live, expect an exciting, enticing
musical journey, filled with the technical accolades to impress as well.

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