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Dr. Richard Boulanger

Dr. Richard Boulanger (aka Dr.B.) was born in 1956 and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Music from the University of California at San Diego (awarded 1985). There he worked at the Center for Music Experiment's Computer Audio Research Lab (CARL). Since then, he has continued his computer music research at Bell Labs, CCRMA, the MIT Media Lab, Interval Research, Analog Devices, IBM, and OLPC. He has collaborated, performed, lectured, and published extensively with the father of computer music, Max Mathews (Radio Baton), the father of Csound, Barry Vercoe (Extended Csound & currently on the OLPC XO $100 Laptop, Csound5 Developer and guru, John ffitch, and electronic music superstar BT (Brian Transeau). His recent work with BT has resulted in the Sonifi App for the iPhone Boulanger has premiered his original interactive computer music compositions at the Kennedy Center and appeared on stage performing his Radio-Baton and MIDI PowerGlove concerto with the Krakow Symphony and the Moscow Symphony. His music is recorded on the NEUMA, Centaur, and Stanford labels. 

For the past 22 years, Boulanger has been teaching computer music composition, sound design, performance and programming at Berklee College of Music. There, he is a professor of Music Synthesis and has been awarded both the Faculty of the Year Award and President's Award. Boulanger has published articles on computer music education and composition in major electronic music and music technology magazines, and has lectured and performed worldwide, most recently in Seoul, Korea and in Athens, Greece on the SYNCH festival. For MIT Press, Boulanger has authored and edited The Csound Book, and he is currently working on another major textbook for MIT Press entitled The Audio Programming Book, scheduled for release in spring 2010.

For the past two years, Boulanger has been spending his spare time working at One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), developing music activities and applications and collecting, processing, and editing samples using Csound on the OLPC XO $100 laptop (for more on this work see: CsoundSound samples, and Csound tutorials). Dr. Boulanger's international and humanitarian outreach is through csounds.com. This year, Boulanger was awarded a Berklee Faculty Research Grant to work with the K-Bow, an *intelligent* Cello bow with built in accelerometers, position sensors, and triggers. This work will result in concert premiers in Moscow and Beijing over the next year.