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Swelta is Los Angeles based DJ and Producer Anthony Dean. Raised in the heat-laden gutter sound of Austin, Texas, Swelta has made a name for his assorted selection and advocacy of underground music lifestyles and culture. Though classically trained in the UK sound of Garage and Grime, Swelta’s style proves anything but streamlined: “East Coast club music, UK club music, from the heart of the Caribbean to the throws of Texas chopped and screwed, when I play, the lines are merely academic. I believe that we need to strive for diverse club experiences, for experiences that may open minds and overcome the boundaries we experience every day. Though electronic music loves its genre specificity, it’s diversity that actually mirrors our increasingly integrated social world. I guess I’m still a believer in PLUR, without all the bullshit.” Swelta is an affiliate of #FEELINGS Records and Boston’s Lifted Contingency.