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Boston-based producer Prism (Dave Hanson) has been gaining a lot of notoriety as his career and creative work continues to expand and evolve. Within less than a year he has been awarded two ‘Tune of the Month’ spots in UK Based Mixmag, radio play on BBC Radio 1 by Skream, featured on ITunes’s New & Noteworthy Singles, and received plenty of praise & support from the likes of Mala, Chef, N-Type, Quest, Om Unit, Joe Nice and Appleblim. Already slated for another vinyl release in the fall with remixes by Turkish prodigy Gantz which recently saw play from Vivek at the second Reconstrvct Anniversary, Prism doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. His DJing isn’t to be underplayed in comparison to his production either; playing alongside such notable artists as J:Kenzo, Squarepusher, Mount Kimbie, Silkie, Kahn, Heny G, Razor Rekta, Cessman, Distal & Wheez-ie to name a few.

Prism is a multifaceted artist. Designing artwork for countless labels, writing & directing music videos for himself and other producers, as well as creating music at a myriad of different genres & tempos, he is certainly one to keep on your radar.

My Artists Sessions

Tuesday, May 13

9:00pm EDT