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Major Stars is a critically acclaimed American psychedelic rock band from greater Boston, Massachusetts.The roots of Major Stars go back to the 1979 formation of Crystalized Movements, through to their early '90's successor Magic Hour. Upon that band's breakup guitarists Wayne Rogers and Kate Village formed Major Stars, which kept Magic Hour's tendency toward songs spiked with lengthy instrumental excursions but added a hard rock angle not usually present in the Hour's hazier sound. Major Stars released four albums as a quartet before expanding to a sextet with 2003's "Syntoptikon," moving secret weapon Tom "Luxurious Bags" Leonard to third guitar and adding Dave Dougan and Casey Keenan as the rhythm section. Another change was adding a singer, thus finally allowing all of the guitar players to concentrate solely on six-string matters. They followed this with two albums for the Drag City label that presented a more stripped down aesthetic with shorter, riff-driven songs.  "Decibels Of Gratitude" came out via Important Records in November 2012.

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