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Dyligence is a Boston-based producer/DJ, who’s unclassifiable sound is born out of a life-long consumption and appreciation of a wide scope of musical styles. Spicing the pot with multiple genres, both electronic and organic, he’s always stewing something uniquely fierce.

His hands-on exploration of electronic music began in 2004, with the purchase of an mpc2000 and a digital multi-track recorder. Since then there has been a seemingly constant influx of pads, knobs, faders, and DAWs keeping him busy learning and producing.

Jump to 2013, dyligence is steadily growing a following on the interwebs as well as the dance floor dropping a mix of deep scoured fire, his original productions, and zany bass driven remixes. Charged by a desire to experiment and collaborate, he’s in constant pursuit of creating an immersive sense-stimulating phastasmagoria