Together Boston has ended
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For 22 year old Queens producer, Brightside, its not just about the music, its about the movement. His vision is to produce auditory art that brings people together and creates a sense of community. Brightside has a predominantly Mid-Tempo sound, drawing inspiration from all ends of the spectrum. In a conscious effort to reach all audiences, Brightside samples a widely eclectic library of music from all around the world. Creating sounds with Middle Eastern, Asian, Classic Rock,Hip-Hop and even Reggae flare, this music can resonate with many listeners. 
Brightside’s project has been gaining momentum in the past year. Having opened for acts such as Break Science, Paul Basic, Kaminanda, Govinda, Futexture, Schlang, and Technicolor Lenses, he has been able to put his vision into motion.
A homemade visual project as well as graffiti/street art movement for Brightside is in the making right now.
He is also working on putting a Brightside Live project into play, combining electronic music with live instruments on stage.